Recruiting Your Hole Sponsors

Are You Good At Recruiting Your Hole Sponsors?

So You Think That You Got What It Takes?

This really is self explanatory. I will pay you $25 for every ‘’ HOLE ‘’ sponsor that you recruit.
There is no cut offs, deadlines, or due dates for recruiting your ‘’ HOLE ‘’ sponsors. You can
make as much money as you want! Like everything else this will continue to go up in time. This
system will EVOLVE over time. This ENTIRE recruitment system will continue to get better and

Let's Do Some Math Shall We:

It costs $100 To Sponsor a Hole at The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic

For example: So lets say that you recruit 10 Hole Sponsors. You will make $250.

Lets say you are REALLY feeling ambitious and you want to recruit 100 Hole Sponsors.

Lets Do Some Math Shall We:

This can go on and on and on into INFINITY.


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