The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic was established in 2010 by the Spotsylvania County Utilities Department. They ran this operation for the first seven years and I took it over three years ago. Since then I have had to learn how to have a successful golf tournament which I’m continuing to learn as I go, a lot of rules and regulations, what makes people tick as far as golf is concerned, and what is becoming pretty obvious, which is turning out to be one of my many specialties which is the wow factor tactics! I am a golf tournament wow factor tactical samurai! I am Mr. Golf. I never knew how taking on this golf tournament would open so many doors for me, though it’s been a bite, kick and scratch the entire way, never the less… it’s been well worth it! Entrepreneurship is becoming something that I’m picking up quite naturally. There is so much more that I am working on behind the scenes but for now we’ll keep it at golf. Spinal Cord Injury and this golf tournament is steadily bringing the best out of me because I choose it to be! I am always working hard and striving to be the best version of myself because that’s what life is all about, growing, testing yourself, stretching, pushing yourself to the limit, losing and doing whatever it takes to win, redeeming yourself and the ultimate goal which is victory! This is ALL I do.

 I’m either working on my physical therapy or working on my golf tournament as well as the entrepreneurial journey that I’m obviously destined to do! I spend every waking moment on my fight to walk again and this entrepreneurial journey! This is ALL I do 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! For the past three years this golf tournament has been ever evolving into something far more than I could of ever imagined! This tournament has been slowly transitioning into what is becoming and will become the best and most popular golf tournament on the planet! I say this with 100% confidence! One thing that I have learned is that people who love golf are absolutely fanatical about golf, and upon coming to that realization, has now become one of my many missions here on Earth which is to dominate the golf niche and to cause major disruptions within the golf niche! What do I mean by that?

 I truly believe that the way I do my golf tournament will set a new standard in this game! This golf tournament is strictly for the die hard golf fanatics! I have a vision for this golf tournament and my vision is so huge that I have no choice but to roll it out in phases. So now it’s time to move into the next phase of The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic evolution! I am calling this next phase a golf lovers dream. This next phase will introduce The Steve Mitchell Golf Recruiter Program as well as our spring event. Originally this event was set up in October and has been in October since it was created in 2010. We had such a good showing this past October 16th, 2020 in the pouring down rain! I had many individuals wanting me to have a spring event along with our annual October event and after a weekend of thinking about it I asked myself ‘’ why not? ’’ Now we will be having The Steve Mitchell Spring Classic and The Steve Mitchell Fall Classic. My goal is to create something that is legendary! There is nothing like it anywhere that I know of! If you are fanatical about golf then this tournament is for you! Welcome to the new era in golf tournament history!

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