This Idea For This Store Is Simple, It’s All About Recruiting Your Hole Sponsors. Money Is Not Needed To Shop At This Store. All That’s Required Is Your Participation And The Currency Is Recruiting Your Hole Sponsors For The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic. You Can Either Get Paid For Recruiting Your Sponsors Or Get Items For Recruiting Your Sponsors. Or You Can Do Both! You Can Get Paid And Get Items As Long As You Are Recruiting! You Will Have Multiple Ways
To Sponsor The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic. I Will Be Constantly Adding Items And Categories To This Store As I Am Creating This Store. What’s The Catch? The Answer Is Nothing. Why Am I Doing It This Way? I Want To Provide As Much Value As I Can To You, Period! I Don’t Do What Everyone Else Does, I Do What Feels Right To Me And This Feels Right To Me!


It’s IMPORTANT For You To Know That I Do NOT Change ANYTHING On Or About The Items And Experiences That I’m Offering On This Website. I Do NOT Change Any Of The Advertising, Prices, Colors, Fonts, I Mean NOTHING! I Purchase The Item And Or The Experience From The Company And Or From The Affiliate And I Pay For The Shipping As Well And Then I Ship The Item To You.

How does this process work?

You Must First Decide Whether You Want To Get Paid Or You Want Items Or You Are Feeling
Ambitious And You Want Both!

For Recruiting Teams

I Will Pay You $100 Per Team Until The Field Is Maxed Out. You Can Make Up To $3,600 From Recruiting Your Teams. Why Do I Say ‘’ You Can Make Up To? ‘’ It’s Because The Field Can Only Hold 36 Teams.

For Recruiting Your Hole Sponsors

I Will Pay You $ 25 Per Hole Sponsor And There Is No Cap Or Limit To The Amount Of Money That You Can Make.